…but they never do. Maybe I’m buying the cheap ones.

One of my favourite blogs is Sexy People. It’s a wonderful repository for daft, odd and sometimes downright disturbing portrait photographs. It’s an absolute goldmine for character design and caricature references and, as such, I often go through it making quick sketches on Post-It Notes.

Post-It Note Sketches

Some are a bit crude and faded. I’ve also snuck in some quick sketches of Anne Widdicombe and Ron Perlman for some reason. It’d be nice to go through these at some point and refine them, maybe even put them through Illustrator and colour them up.

Hello again, by the way.

2 Responses to “They’re meant to stick to the wall…”
  1. Sam says:

    These are solid gold, bottom two on the left could have a whole series devoted to them.

  2. Peter Driscoll says:

    Fab idea David! Need to get out the ol’ marker pens.